I prayed for this

Prayed for 26 times.


I resigned from my job on 11/15/21 because they told me my job was more important than my family. My wife caught Covid and I was forced to help her out around the house. Long story short I was told if I had to take care of my children when my wife had her doctor's appointments following her hospitalization that I would need to get approval and to call off ahead of time just for my kids was unacceptable. I did what I thought I had to to take care of my home life. Before I quit I had an interview with another agency and I had taken my drug test and interviews. I'm just waiting on the district to approve me to work. I request prayer that I'm approved and get to work before the holidays. This is the first time years I've been unemployed and being the sole provider for my family it worries me alittle. I pray Im able to fully get this job and I pray for strength to keep me content during this time.

Received: November 21, 2021